Notice regarding privacy and public access to court files


Documents filed with the Tax Court of Canada and all evidence received by the Court are generally public records open to inspection by the public.

When the parties prepare pleadings and other documents that are intended to be part of the Court's file, they are responsible for limiting the disclosure of personal and confidential information to what is necessary for the disposition of the case.

Parties are encouraged to refrain from including the following information from all pleadings and documents filed with the Court, except as otherwise directed by the Court:

  1. Social Insurance Number and employee identification number;
  2. Business number, GST/HST account number;
  3. Sensitive medical information ;
  4. Dates of birth. If a date of birth is provided, only the year should appear;
  5. Names of minor children. If a minor child is identified, only the minor child's initials should appear; and
  6. Bank and financial account numbers. If a financial account number is provided, only the last four digits of the number should appear.

The Court may on its own initiative redact from pleadings personal and confidential information.

Dated this 9th day of December 2008.

Gerald J. Rip
Chief Justice


Date modified: 2015-09-09