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The Honourable Richard Boivin

Born in Montréal, Québec. Educated at Collège de Montréal, Université de Montréal Min. Hist. (1985), University of Ottawa LL.L. (1988), B.A. (1990), LL.M. (1995) and University of London LL.M. (1991) (King’s College). Called to the Québec Bar in 1989 and the Paris Bar in 2002. Became Solicitor for England and Wales in 2003. Law clerk for the Honourable Justice Robert Décary of the Federal Court of Appeal in 1990. Attorney-at-Law for the Department of Justice of Québec from 1991 to 1993; Attorney-at-Law and Crown prosecutor for the Department of Justice of Canada from 1993 to 1997. From 1997 to 2001, worked in London and Paris for the Québec Department of International Relations. Subsequently, joined EY Law in Paris and practiced in the field of international arbitration. Upon returning to Canada in 2004, became General Counsel with the Department of Justice of Canada and was appointed Associate Senior General Counsel with the Aboriginal Affairs Portfolio. Recipient of the Order of Merit in 2008 of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law (civil law section). Author of numerous articles in international arbitration, constitutional law and aboriginal law. Appointed judge of the Federal Court of Canada and ex officio member of the Court of Appeal on June 19, 2009 and judge of the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada on November 19, 2009. He was appointed Judge of the Federal Court of Appeal on April 11, 2014. Address: Federal Court of Appeal, Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 0H9.


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