Books of Authorities


Notice to the Parties and the Profession


The Honourable Paul Crampton
Chief Justice


May 7, 2013


Books of Authorities

It is of great assistance to the Court to have books of authorities filed containing photocopies of the authorities to which the parties intend to refer at the hearing. Such books of authorities:

1. Should include only the cases to which the parties have referred in the factum. The particular passages in the cases to which the parties wish to refer should be clearly marked.

2. Should include only the first page and the relevant pages for cases listed in the Court’s Common List of Authorities.

3. Should indicate whether they are filed by the applicant or the respondent. Where possible, there should be consultation between the parties to avoid duplication of the authorities included in their respective books of authorities. A joint book of authorities is, of course, acceptable.

4. Should have a tab for each case (either numerical or alphabetical) and should include an index of the authorities. The index should indicate the tab where the authority is reproduced. It is not necessary to number the pages in the book of authorities so long as the photocopies show the page or paragraph numbers of each authority.

5. Should be filed, if possible, not later than by the Friday of the week preceding the hearing of the appeal/application.


Date Modified: 2015-11-23