Designation  of the  Surname / Family  Name  of a Party in Proceedings  before  the Court: Accommodation of Cultural Diversity in the Court Process


November 22, 2007

Although the existing practice is for parties to be named in originating notices to the
Court pursuant to Rule 67, the Federal Courts Rules do not specify the order in which the names are to be set out.

As a result, the Registry’s indexing section is not always able to identify, and thus enter, the family and given names in the proper order where, due to cultural diversity, the names may be presented in a different order. This in turn results in some files being difficult to locate in the public index database available on the Court’s web site, which is linked to the party’s family name.

Therefore, when submitting originating documents to the Court, each party’s family name or names should be typed with capital letters in bold font. The given names should be in lower case letters and in regular font.

Original signed by
Allan Lutfy
Chief Justice


Date Modified: 2015-11-23