Hearing List Legend

The language of the hearing and of the style of cause reflected on the hearing list has been deduced from the Court record.

Court hearings are open to the public unless, for special reasons, the Court directs that the hearing be held in camera.

Abbreviations or symbols used in the hearing list and Court index & docket:

(T) Trial
(JR) Judicial Review
(APP) Appeal
(H) Hearing
(REF) Reference (s. 18.3)
(RFR) Reference (R. 153)
(M) Motion
(CONTP) Show Cause Hearing
(SHOW) Show Cause Hearing
(OBJEC) R.318(2) - Objection
(SR) Status Review
(PTC) Pre-Trial Conference
(PHC) Pre-Hearing Conference
(CMC) Case Management Conference
(MTG) Meeting
(TMC) Trial Management Conference
(DRC) Dispute Resolution Conference
(MED) Dispute Resolution Conference - mediation
(ENA) Dispute Resolution Conference - early neutral evaluation
(MINI) Dispute Resolution Conference - mini trial
(TC) By Teleconference
(VC) By Videoconference
(h): Hours
(min): Minutes
(d): Days
(-): Not Available


Date Modified: 2015-09-09