Registry Contact

For public access to Court files and information about Court procedure, you may contact your local Registry office (see Telephone List). Regional offices are available across Canada.

Where the necessary facilities are available, any person may, with supervision and without interfering with the business of the Court, inspect a Court file or annex. It is recommended that you call the Registry ahead of time to arrange for the availability of any Court file(s) you wish to view.

Access to Court Documents: As a general rule, all Court documents are a matter of public record unless a legislative provision or Court order prohibits public access. However, a court order prohibiting access to material in a file may be granted upon the motion of a party if the Court is satisfied that the material sought to be filed should be treated as confidential notwithstanding the public interest in open and accessible court proceedings.

Important: Registry officers are not allowed to provide legal advice to litigants. You should contact a lawyer, a Legal Aid Office in your area or a community legal clinic for legal advice. For additional information about services provided by the Registry, please go to Self-Represented Litigants.

Registrar of the Federal Court

Media Contact

This contact information is for media enquiries with respect to the Federal Court only. To get a copy of a document filed in Court, see FAQ. For information with respect to Federal Court practice, procedure and forms, please contact the Registry directly (see local Registry offices or national Telephone list). For enquiries with respect to the Federal Court of Appeal, go to Contact Us - Federal Court of Appeal.

Mailing Address

The Court has Registry offices through the country which provide local service to members of the public and litigants. Mail can also be sent to:

Information Bulletins

Media Bulletin
This Bulletin provides public notice of judicial nominations & retirements, special Court sittings, and decisions with particular media attention. Two formats are available:

Decision Bulletin
This Bulletin provides a public notice of Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal decisions when they are posted on the Court web site. This Bulletin is available in e-mail format only:

Court Practice Bulletin
This Bulletin provides access to Court practice notices and materials related to proposed changes to the Federal Courts Rules. This Bulletin is available in e-mail format only:


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